Benefits of Happimess’ Double-Bucket Macro Trash Solution

Cleaning, recycling, and disposing of the trash are important when it comes to keeping the home clean and the trash hidden away. To do all this in a convenient way, you need trash bins with dual functions for collecting the trash and recyclable waste.

Well, this is possible with a dual-bucket trash bin for managing waste and recyclables at your home and office. You can use a dual-compartment trash bin in your car or even a boat as well. It’s a clean way to sort your trash with style.

For some people, a dual-bucket trash bin makes sorting and disposing of the trash easy and fun to do. This improves overall recycling and gives more awareness about what could be recyclable in the household.

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying a trash can at your home. You should consider what benefits and comfort you may get with a dual-bucket trash bin.

Hapimess offers a dual-bucket macro trash solution to dispose of your trash and manage your recyclables like papers and metals.

Let’s explore the benefits that make it the perfect addition to your home.

Hapimess Macro double-bucket Trash Can

You will find this trash bucket with more storage for throwing your waste and a recycle bin at the same time.


It’s a great split trash can you may love to have in your house or office for disposing of the trash and managing recyclables without great effort. For your office, home, kitchen, bathroom, a trash bucket with sleek, chic style like Happimess double-bucket will surely complement your existing décor. This will provide useful features and keep the environment clean.

With a fluent move of the step-on pedal, you can dispose of garbage hands-free. What’s more, a built-in damper lowers the lid securely and quietly to keep odors inside. This is a feature of this dual-bucket you will find hard with other such products.

This dual-bucket is built with an aim that performance should follow the purpose, so it’s a simple, easy-to-clean design that comes from high-quality steel and has an easy-to-remove inner plastic bucket.


Its tower shape, rectangular and slim design makes it a catchy household item for its stainless steel material and clean looks.


Furthermore, its inner liners are removable, which ensures that each bin is always clean from the inside. These dual-bucket sizes are good for almost all kitchen trash bags.

The inner liners are methodical. The top is 9.5 x 9.5 inch with a gradual taper at the bottom to 8.5 x 8.5 inches. It has a lip on top to keep it in place that is 10.5 x 10.5 inches. That makes it a 21.5-inch tall bin.

Capacity and Size

These dual-bucket waste bins come in 7.9 and 10.5 gallons.

Its 10.5-gallon version comes in a size of length-16.14 x width-17.52 x height-23.62 inches, thus making it a good size trash bucket to hold its place as well. Its weight is 14.5 pounds, which can prevent it from tilting or tripping.

This bucket can hold 40 liters of trash, whereas its smaller version (7.9 gallons) can store 30 liters of trash.


You will find these trash bins in white, gray, black, and silver colors.


Its stainless steel material is given a brushed finish to make it look compact and an easy wipe-clean basket. Its double-bucket houses the trash and recyclables in different boxes.

These dual-bucket garbage bins come in stainless steel, thus making them rust and waterproof.

Closing / Opening

Its steel-step-on pedal makes it a compact opening and soft-closing lid. This way, it eliminates its chances to slam the lid on the bucket, making it quiet, less noisy, and safe for families with small kids.

It has lifting handles on both sides, which makes it easy and convenient to carry around this trash can for cleaning, washing, etc.

You can press back a little on the lid after you've opened it with the pedal, and it'll stay open long enough for you to scrape stuff into it.

Other features

Its stainless steel material having a brushed look makes it fingerprint-proof and a durable trash bin. Its steel pedal makes it an easy-to-operate bin. The pedal is designed and tested, and its mechanism can last decades.

Benefits of Happimess Double-Bucket Macro Trash Solution

The benefits of double-bucket macro trash will compel you to buy one for your home and office.

  • You can use one bucket for throwing trash and the other bucket for throwing recyclable items like paper, plastic, bags, etc.
  • It gives awareness about recycling
  • It will give you a simple recycling option with no extra efforts, thus reducing the need to separate trash bins
  • A double bucket trash bin will need less space for keeping two bins
  • New design and steel material make it look beautiful
  • Dual trash buckets can make trash throwing an organized effort
  • Awareness on recyclability
  • This trash bin will reduce the recyclable clutter that is usually spread around in your home
  • Adds a sense of extra hygiene
  • A hands-free experience for throwing away the trash


Since sanitation is crucial in and around the kitchen, you may opt for a step-on trash bin when looking for a double-bucket garbage can for your kitchen. When it comes to getting rid of garbage, you don’t need to touch these trash cans by hand. So, keep the safety and hygiene in view while looking around for a trash can.

Furthermore, you should also look into other aspects like size, color, material, and design as well that go with your home décor. It should serve both purposes – functionality and aesthetics.

So, having a double-bucket trash bin may be your best choice to make cleaning effort easy and something you can look at with a great sense of responsibility.

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