From Garment Racks to Wicker Trunks: What are the Key Benefits?

Storage is the most common problem in every home. Some people have small homes with less space. Others have too many things that make the home look less spacious or cluttered. For this reason, people either try to accommodate more cupboards in their home or stuff the things forcibly in their current place.

All of these solutions are not helpful. This only makes your home look cluttered. The second you enter the room, you will get the feeling of a messy and disorganized room. This is why you can use garment racks, wicker trunks, or metal racks to store different things in different parts of your home. There are many advantages to using them. We have mentioned some of the key areas where these storage accessories come in handy.


Do you feel annoyed when the toys are on the entire floor of your kid’s room? To solve this issue, you can give your kids their own wicker basket to clean up the mess.

Storing toys in a basket looks lovely. They are also pretty easy to use for both kids and adults. It is also a terrific way to tide up your room quickly. You have two choices for the baskets. You can go for a wicker trunk with a lid or without a lid. Both have an aesthetic appeal and pretty easy to handle. Your kids can grab it when they want to play and toss things back after their playtime is over. The best part is: you can put this at any place you want.

You can also ask your kids to put a cloth or mat on the lid of the wicker trunk. This will give it the look of a small table.


If you are a woman, you may know how challenging it is when you end up with no space in your cupboard. You usually throw some of your items or stack up your clothes and other accessories on the bed or side table for a quick solution. Some lazy people toss their extra items on the floor. People also use traveling bags to fill their clothes.

All of these tricks are not appealing at all. You need to find an option that keeps your room neat. No, that doesn't mean you have to buy an extra closet. If you have space in your room, you can bring a garment rack to hang your bags, clothes, stools, and other things. You can also buy one that complements your room. Also, look for the one that has enough space to accommodate your accessories.

Kitchen Accessories

Homeowners who have a small kitchen may face problems like storing kitchen accessories. If you are dealing with the same problem, you may have thought of installing cupboards. But it will make your space look more compact and messy.

You can purchase a metal rack to give an aesthetic look to your kitchen and to maximize space. They come in all sizes and shapes. You can choose the one according to the things you want to store and the space you have. You can keep pots, jars, bowls, dishes, and other things in it. To make it look more organized, you can assign every portion to a particular thing. For instance, you can keep jars in one slab and fruits in another.

Keep it somewhere accessible to everyone if you plan to keep fruits or food jars like cookie jar in it.

Indoor Garden

Creating an indoor garden has become a trend in the last few years. It also looks beautiful in your home. People keep different plants in their rooms to give a green touch to space. What mistakes they usually make is they keep the pots at the wrong places.

However, it’s not a difficult task to give a natural ambiance to your home. All you need to do is to bring a garment rack. Keep the pots at the base part of it. If there are many slabs, you can also place books and a lamp between the pots to give a nice and cozy look.


You may struggle to find a storing place for your dirty clothes until you wash them. You may have tried many ways to hide the pile of clothes, like keeping the clothes in a laundry basket. But you fail to do so. The laundry baskets usually don't look appealing. Besides, sometimes, they don't have enough space to let the airflow.

Using a wicker trunk for your laundry items is a great idea. You don’t have to worry that people can see your clothes. Plus, it allows air to reach every garment in the basket. You can choose the size or space according to your choice. Make sure to consider the number of laundry items you usually have so you don’t have to face inconvenience.

Don’t bring one that is too big – you will get a reason to collect your washing stuff and delay the washing task. That said, the attractive part is that wicker trunks look good even in your laundry area. It will look more like a decorating item in this place.


Organizing toiletries is another tricky task for many of us. They are hard to organize, of course, make the place look ugly. It is also essential to keep them in the washroom so that you don't have to take them whenever you go for a bath. Moreover, if you are a person who uses a bundle of products, then indeed, your life is a mess without a proper place for them.

You need something that has enough space, looks beautiful, separates things, and is easy to clean and manage. You can find all these features in a metal rack. They are best to store toiletries and help you arrange all the items properly. You can bring the one that you can place or hang near the washroom sink.

Bottom Line

These are just a few hints about how you can use garments racks, wicker trunks, and metal racks for storage. But you can always experiment with them and use them for other purposes.


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