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Gold Trash Cans: The New Trend?


Trash cans are a necessity to keep your house, office, and other spaces clean and throw the garbage. We need to dispose of trash or recyclable items to keep our premises clean.

Earlier, bins made of tin, wood, or other lightweight metals were common. However, the rise of new trends and a better sense of hygiene and aesthetics led to the use of more versatile trash cans in offices, homes, or on sideways.

You may have seen trash cans evolved over the last few decades. Traditional trash cans are now replaced with much better, purpose-serving, and material-oriented trash cans. These materials are environmentally friendly for a cleaner lifestyle.

In addition, trash cans are now coming in trendy designs, foot pedal styles, double-bucket designs, shapes, and colors to cater to different needs.

Colors are making a big impact in the trash can industry as well. The latest trending color is gold. Yes, gold trash cans are becoming a fashion trend and popular décor item for your homes and offices.

Gold trash cans offer more fashionable and stylish looks than you can expect. These trash cans come in different materials and designs for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens without disturbing the décor.

It usually has an easy-to-open sturdy pedal for a smooth and noiseless opening and closing of this bucket.

Larger Stainless Steel Trash can dual bucket

For larger capacity, a large stainless steel trash can is best. Its comfort feature is its press-on foot pedal for a smooth opening and closing of the lid. The dual-bucket option brings more comfort as you can remove the inner buckets using the same foot pedal.

You can get a gold color trash can to make it look classy inside your bathroom.

Its compact size and golden looks will add oomph to the area. Its sleek and high-look rectangular shape will make it more trendy and modish. You will find its brushed stainless steel making it a quick to clean and dry bucket.

Golden Lean Design

You may find a golden rectangle slim plastic trash can more impressive. Its skinny design will make it fit into narrow bathrooms or even under-sink areas. Such plastics are shatter-resistant and free from chlorine.

The lean design trash may come without an inner bucket or a lid. You may have small lifting handles on either side to make it a convenient bucket. The plastic binge will give you a large variety of colors besides the most trending golden color.

Gold Trash Cans for Bedrooms


Bedroom trash cans come in countless colors, designs, styles, and culture-oriented patterns, hard to count. You can place them under the dressing table or in a corner with a piece of not so expensive fur on the top to make them look like a décor. Make sure not to hide such a beautiful trash can behind curtains.

Rose-gold steel dual buckets

Such trash cans made of steel have a durable finish, whereas their interior is mostly in shatter-resistant plastic, giving them longevity. Its dual inner bucket makes it spacious for its compact looks for symmetry.

Ideally, these buckets are good for any area, from the office to the powder room. But the color and design make it good for your bedroom as it will look decorative as well.

You can get it in bronze or other colors, but its rose-gold looks are hard to resist. These trash cans are best to complement the theme and décor of apartments, condos, campers, and tiny homes.

Square Step Rose Trash Can

This silver rose beautiful trash can is ideal for any bedroom for its square size and easy-to-open step-up foot pedal for smooth closing and opening. You can keep this anywhere in the bedroom.

Golden Trash cans for Kitchen


You can place a trash can anywhere in the kitchen under the sink, counter, cabinet, or near your cooking range or on either side of the entrance door, etc.

Kitchen in-cabinet trash cans

Such trash cans are smaller than a pull-out type of trash can. It’s good for those who don’t have loads of trash to throw. Such cans are made of steel and come within an inner bucket to make them a long-lasting product. The press-on pedal makes opening and closing easy. It has a tight lid to control odor for more than a day. Its metallic finish gives it a luxurious touch with golden color.

Stainless Steel brushed step trash can

Such trash cans usually come with a dual-bucket and press-on pedal for ease of use. The best part about such cans is their two-way top lid opening, which makes it easier to throw in the trash or recyclable items in respective buckets. The protruded openings will not let anything fall out when open.

A zing of golden or rose-gold color will make them look more like a beautiful decorative piece in the kitchen area.

Modern Geometric Style Waste-basket

You can find standalone trash can baskets to de-clutter your home without compromising aesthetics.

These trash cans come from pierced iron that looks like a woven pattern. The steel-metallic looks will make it a stylish trash bag in golden color. Its wide and tapered rim will allow you to fix a plastic bag to retain its own shape and cleanliness intact.

This classy wastebasket is elegant all the way. Its perforated shape makes it a good waste bin you can keep anywhere in the home.


Gold is the trendiest color for trash cans. You can find trash cans in different sizes and materials in various shades of gold. Moreover, you can place them anywhere in your home, including bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even bathroom, to add a luxurious touch to your home décor.

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