Stash and Hide: 9 Ways to Hide Your Trash Can

Most people who want to make their home perfect struggle with hiding the trash can. It is understandable, as a trash can doesn’t have attractive looks and mostly have a foul smell. Because of these reasons, they try to keep as few bins in their home as they can.

Another thing people usually do: they place garbage corrals at the entrance of their home or far from their actual place. The only purpose is to hide the ugly bin; however, this only wastes your time. As every time you need to throw something, you have to go to the main door.

For this reason, we have come up with some excellent ideas that will amaze you. The following are the easy and simple ways you can use to hide the bin. So give you a favor and read the article.

1.     Cabinet

Okay, if you want to hide the trash can in your kitchen, there are many smart methods. The most exciting and easy way is to use your cabinet. Of course, you can only do this if you are ready to compromise the space.

Use your cabinetry to build a slide-out trash can. You can place your trash bin inside the cabinet, or you can remove the sides of the cabinet, except the front part, and place the bin in it. Either way, when you close the door, no one can sense that there is a trashing bin in the cabinet.

2.Folding Screens

Using folding screens in your home to hide things or to make partitions is a wonderful idea. These beauties are available in the market in all types, sizes, and qualities. You can also bring one which complements the theme of your home.

Once you get your desired piece, use them as a wall between you and trash cans. This method is more applicable to outdoor space. You can arrange this setting in your garden or garage. Give it a touch of green by installing herbs, plants, and succulent near them.

3.     Wood Hamper

Does the idea of repurposing things inspire you? If your answer is positive, then you can do so many things. Yes, you need to be a little creative, of course. But this will be fun.

What you need to have is a stylish and appealing hamper. If you don't have one, you can purchase it. Make sure to bring the hamper made from the material that will suit your space's theme. Next step: drop your trash bin in it. Ta-da! Your beautiful piece of décor, plus a useful object, is ready.

4.     Wicker Trunk

Here you have another idea to reuse home items. A wicker trunk is in itself a beneficial piece of furniture. You can use it for various reasons. Not only this, but wicker trunks also add a beautiful ambiance to space. They have surprising aesthetic looks, which is the primary reason people fall for this object.

Anyways, you can use a wicker trunk in your home to hide your trash barrel in it. Make sure that your bin has the same size as your wicker piece. That’s all you need to do. No one will get a hint that you have placed a trash can beside the sofa.

5.Kitchen Sink

Most people want to give a completely neat and clean look to their favorite place, kitchen. They want to disguise the bin so that guest only focuses on their choice of design and theme of the kitchen, instead of a bin filled with rotten garbage.

If you also want to do this, you can hide a trash can under the sink. This gives you easily associability, plus it will remain out-of-sight.

6.     Tilt Cabinet

If you have chic, clever concealers in your home, you should pick them for the hiding trash bin. Mostly, they are made from wood, which gives them an appealing look. Its tilt-out design makes it even more unique.

You can use them as a cloak to hide your bins. Just place your cans in them, and you have got what you are looking for –a completely hidden trash bin with a beautiful appearance.

7.     Trees And Bushes

 Do you feel annoyed because your huge trash cans are overshadowing the beauty of your pretty garden?

If this is your issue, you can hide your cans easily. There are multiple options that you can pick. You can place a lattice panel in front of garbage bins. Moreover, you can plant trees or bushes to the viewable sides. Ensure that your pots are fully installed at that place, so they don't tip over during the windy season.

8.     Hang a Cute Curtain

Repurpose your old curtains to hide trash cans. In case your pantry is fully viewable, just like an exposed closet, here is what you can do. Hide your trash bin, dried goods, and cleaning supplies by installing a stylish curtain.

Not only will it help you disguise things from everyone's eyes, but it also adds a sleek appeal to your kitchen. You will surely love the appearance of the most usable space in your home. Make sure that you pick a curtain that can hide the spot from top to bottom.

9.     Shingles

Shingles are one of the captivating materials you will find. Just see the shingle roofs if you don’t believe this. Your trash bin can look exceptionally great with this charismatic item. The best part is that it can work for almost every home style.

Make this hiding place from shingles with wrought-iron hinges and pulls. Measure the shingles accurately so that you get the exact size you want.

Bottom Line

Make sure to use the idea, which will look great in your home. Before choosing any of the options, consider your home design, theme color, furniture material, and space.


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