Storage Benches are More Relevant than You Think!

If you want to clean up your house this year, there's only one thing you may need to do: get a storage bench.

Storage benches are the ultimate way to do two tasks together, providing a sitting space and hiding all unwanted clutter. Hence, you can have a storage bench in every room of your home.

The idea is to promote options for you to get the best possible out of space a storage bench can offer. To utilize a storage bench, its placement holds the key to its relevancy and functionality.

You should carefully select the storage bench for certain areas. Let’s see how storage bench fare in the relevancy they are designed for.

Caden 46" Wicker Storage Trunk

From the dining room to the playroom, this white hand-woven wicker trunk is a versatile addition. Its storage capacity and size (23.6 x 45.6 x 19.3”) make it ideal for hiding toys, shoes, or laundry. You can use it ideally as a coffee table or a good surface on the footboard side of a bed. You can fold it flat for storage, and you can tuck it under the bed if not in use. It’s a great décor as well.

Its full open height is 42.9 inches.

You may dust it with a small brush or vacuum on a daily basis. When using a vacuum brush attachment, use the lowest suction setting to avoid damage.

Jacob 30" Wicker Storage Trunk

This wicker trunk in chestnut brown is ideal for entryways or underneath consoles. Its removable lid and storage capacity makes it a functional and sturdy storage solution for shoes, books, pillows, etc.

Its sleek size, 18.8" x 18.7" x 30.7" inches, makes it a smart and elegant décor in the entrance areas or the rooms. It’s a handy, multi-purpose trunk that folds flat for storage and is simple to put together. This allows you to push it under the bed when not in use.

Its open height is 49.5 inches.

Clean it using a vacuum. You can wipe the spills with a damp cloth as soon as possible before they harden or stain. Use a sponge, gentle soap, and warm water to wash a stubborn stain or dirt.

Palermo 34.50" 2 Drawer Wicker Storage Bench

Its exterior dimensions are 15" x 34.5" x 20" inches, boasting 2 drawers.

This storage bench is good for entry, master bath, or hallway storage area as its size makes it ideal to fit in all places. It offers extra storage, thanks to its two basket drawers, which can be used to store smaller but precious items. The durable wicker and rattan construction has a timeless, British Colonial look due to a dark stain color.

This stylish bench is only 34.5" long, so it can fit at the foot of the bed or in a small entrance. It has a gray-washed wicker and a cushioned top; this bench can be used in any environment.

Tropic 52" with 2 Drawer Wicker Storage Bench

It’s another classic British colonial-style bench. This traditional rattan storage bench is ideal for a queen or king-sized bed. It will look beautiful in the entrance, hallways, and master baths. Its extra storage primarily comes from its two basket drawers. The dark stain color has made it a timeless rattan construction.

Its size is 15.5" x 52" x 22.5" inches; with traditional lines and a cushioned top, it will complement any room. It’s a crafty display of woven wicker end panels –sturdy and collapsible bench for flat storage.

Elijah 30" Wicker Storage Trunk

This wicker trunk in chestnut brown is ideal for entryways or to keep underneath consoles. Its removable lid and storage capacity make it a practical and durable solution for storing shoes, toys, books. Its size makes it another all-place storage option without looking out of sorts anywhere.

Its removable lid can give you more space for storage. Try keeping it insides to avoid direct sunlight to retain its finished looks. Its open height is 49.5” inch.

Rustic 43.3" 3 Drawer Storage Bench

It has large storage space, thanks to its three drawers. Its exterior length is 15" x 43.3" x 12" inches.

This storage bench has a farmhouse or coastal vibe. Its gray paint and natural wicker panels complement its look. This three fabric-lined wicker basket will look equally good at the entrance, bedroom, or bathroom in a well-organized manner. These benches will complement any décor and remain trendy if you remove the drawers to store shoes or gears in the cubbies.

It is easy to assemble due to its sturdy wooden frame construction. You will find its 43.3-inch length perfect for a bed bench.

This is one of the storage benches which are more relevant than you think.

Rustic 16.75" 3-Basket Storage Chest

It’s a storage chest with 3 basket drawer sizes, all very spacious at 14 x 11 x 6.6 inches. Its total size (16.75" x 13" x 28.50" inches) makes it ideal as a bedroom storage chest.

You can find it in gray paint for a decorative look. It has natural wicker panels that will give this storage bench a coastal vibe. This is another good storage option for any area under the roof. Plus, its small convenient size can make it fit in tight spaces.

Rustic 16.75” has a good storage capacity of 33lbs. Its mahogany wooden frame makes it durable. It’s another great storage option.


There's no such thing as having too many options to sit or store things, and you hardly get both together. Hence, a nice bench or stool with storing capacity always gives you more convenience.

A storage bench in the corridor ensures you have somewhere to sit when putting on your shoes. Or it may be a spot to unwind after a long day at work or a long run. A bench with storage capacity is a profitable investment –it adds to the aesthetic appeal of any room and also provides space for storage.

You can place it and wherever you like or need it, as a convenient seat in the hallway or as a bed-stand in the guest room.

The details and description will certainly prove that storage benches are more relevant and inevitable than you can think of.

Storage benches are a modern-day comfort; buy one if you don’t have one at home.

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